Psychology Today: How Do You Empathize

How mental health awareness can be one sided

Everyone wants the other side to try to understand where they are coming from. It’s human nature to be with people and relate to the elements of life with them. Empathy is a two way street, and if one side wants the other to contribute, then they should practice what they preach. We, as the people with mental illnesses, who are asking not to be stigmatized against and who are asking for people to empathize with what we go through in order to humanize mental illness, should never stigmatize those who have never been exposed and have never been taught how to deal with someone who is experiencing symptoms of a serious mental illness. It is a double standard and unfair to a society who doesn’t teach others how to deal with it. It is your job, as the advocate for mental illness to, instead of putting people down, to educate, in a constructive way.

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