Dear Allie

Dear Allie,

You are a good person. You are loyal to your friends and you’re the first person to raise your hand when someone needs help.

You shouldn’t say those things to yourself. Things like irresponsible and lazy. You’re a hard worker. You always have been. You’ve taken every challenge ever put in front of you and done your best to overcome it. You’ve failed, sure, but everyone has, and the important thing is you’ve learned from those failures and have grown as a person.

You do your best in everything that you do. You always give 110%.

But you have schizophrenia. It’s a brain disorder. It’s not an easy thing to live with. Yet you have held down the same job for almost thirteen years and your friends and family are proud of you. Why shouldn’t you be proud of you too?

You have never been a lazy person, and you’re not now. You’re just having a hard time and you’re doing what you need to do – what your doctors recommend – to recover. It’s just like any other illness. You’re not being lazy or irresponsible. You’re being strong, by admitting you’re having a hard time, and resting. Recovering. It’s what’s needed.

So don’t call yourself bad words. You do the right thing, every time. You love hard and you work harder. You are amazing. You are loved.



I was feeling bad about myself today, so I decided to write myself a letter. It’s helped in the past, so hopefully it helps today. My hope is that it helps you, as well.