His Name is Dark by Allie Burke

I’ve written a short story!

I was asked to write it by a colleague who is putting together an anthology and podcast. More news on that to come but…

My story is READY and it comes out on Kindle Tuesday, April 27. You can also read it here if you like, it will be free everywhere.

Check out the cover and synopsis below!

He stepped toward her and she gripped the knife in her back pocket.

“No,” he said quietly, in almost a whisper.

She looked up to the castle again. “People actually live there?”

“One person.” His voice was even quieter now.

“Who is it?” Alana asked, and turned back to him. He must have stepped further forward silently, because he was centimeters from her face.

He tilted his head like a quizzical dog and smiled. “Me.”


After a 5-year stay in a mental hospital, Alana Salvador feels like a criminal with no one to turn to and nowhere to go.

Nowhere to go but one single place that is probably out of a story book, and not even an actual real place.

But she had nowhere else to go. So she went to a place that no one had been to in hundreds of years.

No one except one man.

His name was Dark.